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Comments about this video:
my friend i will give one example is about you...Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil. Plato.
This comedic sarcastic cynicism basically renders you immune to any form of rebuke. You could take the piss out of any valid philosopher and/or philosophy under the guise of 'CynicMAN!!!' and no-one would say shit. Funny to watch though.

You guys in the west have democracy? Seriously, when was the last time you voted on somebody's execution?
He didn't want a commune of philosopher kings he wanted a philosopher king. The Guardians and the other components lived in communes. That part is wrong.
This is not an educational video, it's an entertainment one where you will enjoy it if you actually know the philosophers and he actually summed up cave concept rather well. Also the uneducated Plato would blow your mind 100 times over, you are simple minded idiot if you judge his work without even looking at it.

Great! this is perfect for AS philosophy great! Did not remember that we all knew knowledge before we were born and what we remember is part of the form which we are slowly regaining back :).
Considering the AS Philosphy exam is tomorrow, it may help you to know that this is called innate knowledge, or rationalism, on the syllabus. (You probably already know, but just in case you didn't...well yeah :3). so, the video told me barely anything about the actual cave and this video pretty much chatted complete crap and made plato seem like an uneducated naiive bigot, thank you for that.
"Plato stands apart as the guy who basically invented philosophy and when it can be said that 2 1/2 thousand years of thought are just footnotes on your own work, you might then be in a position to judge him" LOL.

You are going to want to read this book coming out in about four weeks Philosophic Hermeneutics I believe it will place things in better perspective, there is no world view we all know, is there ?? Plato was trying to describe things that can be better understood when anything is written down clearly that anyone knows.
Plato's theory of forms seems correct to me. Some basic things such as geometric shapes and so on exist independent of observation. I think that the concept of Astral Plane is the closest in relative modern times to the World of psychology this is called the Collective Subconscious and explains why dreams and myths around the world seem so close. Also they provide a good explanation for telepathy when you get a flash of an idea at the same time as a friend.
2:01.. One need only look at the election and brief reign of Governor Rod Blagojevich to see the truth behind Plato's claim.
Neither did he invent philosophy, not even close, but also his "Theory of Forms" however mutilated by corruptions or alterations, in essence is correct.Too many counter arguments I guess. Go on wikipedia and check out the Parmenides(dialogue) page, or wiki Third Man Argument. Lol, well I think the allegory of the cave was very clever and still applies today. Actually, it's applying right now, on your comment :). Plato may be a father of mine, and also reincarnated as an animal, that lives near me, but i wont tell what he is(or where), because chronus may find him, and eat his kids, as usual..i hope you and others like you can handle it, beyond theory and intellectualization...otherwi-se the unphilosophical governors will continue to be materilaists who enforce and are servants of patterns and law, with little theory or philosophies.i hope someone else can repopulate the world with their body and imagination after leaving the cave, too...plato was a thinker but i think in this day and age a bit outdated. Reagan for example frowned upon the ancient greeks because there liberal hotheadedness. i think the rise of conservatism ebolished alot of this. although it has its place.
We will never know the truth. But it is important we search for it. Search for truths that are closest to the good. Study psychology and we will get closer to the good. ( My opinion ).
I do not intend on sounding like an asshole, but how does anyone truly know what happened 2000 years ago? How does anyone truly know what happened 400 years ago? 3 years ago? Yesterday? ~I think the only way to know how history truly works is to live history; and although you will be biased, it's what you believe! The self is the most important aspect of life! The good improves the self! And although you will never know the self, you will be stuck with it for as long as you are conscious.
There's absolutely no proof plato, socrates existed. These are just pen names to hide African origins of philosophy. C'mon people are you still mind fucking yourselves?????
Umm, yes, actually there is a lot of historical evidence about the existence of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.For Plato and Aristotle there is. They each wrote about a thousand books a piece, but Socrates never wrote anything, and if I'm correct (I may not be) Socrates is only mentioned in Plato's writings. It could be that that was a form of Platonic Ideal, the idea of a philosopher as exists in Plato's world of the ideal, who wins every fake argument he's in, and whose unbounded Ethos was used by Plato to destroy the Sophists who were far more rhetorically advanced than Plato. If I'm wrong, tell me.Socrates was also mentioned in Aristophanes' (the jerk) play "The Clouds". Xenophone also wrote about Socrates and even had his own version of the Apology. One of his works is calles "Memories", which implies that he maybe tries to tell us "real" historic data, not fantasy-dialogues. Some of Plato's dialogues may as well be written by other followers of Socrates. In other words, other people referred to Socrates but not to Plato.
platos knowledge came from hermes, who was also known as thoth in egypt. so yes, you are right to some extent.
seriously that should be how at least one civilizatino is run. if it works spread it all over the world. it needs to be tested with the best and brightest in everycountry as well as the worst and dumbest (within the scope of the future in which that civilization would be present). the cave refers to being trapped in the mind. the outside world represents the present moment. if you seek truth, Google "truth contest" and click on the first link. Open "The Present" and read what it says. this will amaze you.
My one beef with your productions is that your intro and outro music is VERY VERY loud, relative to the volume of your voice. Being of "short attention span" I do really enjoy your videos. Thank you for continuing with what you do.

Interesting... its too bad philosophers are useless. Yeah, so people went on to write about him for many years. How is this beneficial? Don't tell me that it influences political theory and government, because if you are naive enough to think those are useful, then you don't know the fundamental fact that injustice is more beneficial than justice, and is practiced by the most clever people. This is because justice is the advantage of the stronger (the rulers.) Therefore smart people rebel.

Wtf are you talking about?? How can ANYTHING be useful? Useful in accomplishing what?? Philosophy is the art of trying to accomplish the only real thing that matters and that is why the hell any of us exist + concepts of ethics and happiness.

lol. You just said something philosophical! Plus Philosophers like Democritus, Epicurus and Glissandi lead to the foundations of the atom theory, which is now the science of quantum physics. Although the counter-argument for atoms, the monad, invented by Paramenides, would be the string theory. Case in point, these concepts of metaphysics have evolved and are still being debated for the understanding of the natural world.
Nah, Socrates might be able to confuse me through deceitful argumentation into a state of "aporia," but that's as far as it would go. And, in case you didn't realize, "that argument" is the argument presented by Thrasymachus to Socrates in the beginning of "The Republic". It took Socrates/Plato an entire book to supposedly "refute it." Many philosophers say that Socrates was not aptly able to refute the argument, and so Plato wrote "The Republic" to make up for Socrates' unsuccessful attempt.
Yeah, I know, I was reading it today. Surprisingly interesting stuff, though I have to finish it still. I'm not sure you are recognising the contradiction in referencing the debates of philosophers in an attempt to validate the premise that philosophers are useless..
Interesting that your would declare philosophy useless while simultaneously debating philosophy. The next time you think philosophy is useless, realize that the mere thought that philosophy is useless is a philosophical premise held by yourself about philosophy that, while you think it is unimportant, is important enough for you to fret about it. Then go fuck yourself.So you have now explained to me that philosophy is useful because I used philosophy to take a stance on an issue? I know that philosophy is useful... I never said it was not useful. I stated that philosophers are useless, and you did not explain the usefulness of philosophers. The occupation is different from the activity. For example: Eating is useful, however someone whose sole occupation was the act of eating would not be useful. So it is with philosophizing and philosophers.
Eating is not creating anything other than yourself, philosophers create ideas that will be used and evolved for thousands of years later, without those thoughts the evolution of thought would not be.
the very thing which you stated "then you don't know the fundamental fact that injustice is more beneficial than justice", was also stated in platos book "The Republic" where one person took the same stance as you, and then later on changed his mind. Read "The Republic" im sure it'll change your mind too. If not? then maybe life experiences will.Finals for Republic, Euthyphro, Meno, Crito, Phaedo and the Apology in 3 hours. And I'm here at this video. A+.Best line - "and when it can be said that two and a half thousand years of thought are just footnotes on your own work, you might then be in a position to judge him.". Alexander went to Egypt to get the approval of the gods before going to war!India,Egypt,Persha all gave to greek philosophy and sciences.It's the greek who used egyption buildings techneques, most them where educated there!i agree i feel that since birth we've known what "walking" though have never had the physical capabilities to actually walk. "knowledge", as we know it, doesnt necessarily mean it was learned because with enough logic and general thought you can figure out what you dont know... hell look at plato the dude figured all these things out without anyones help ergo knowledge is predetermined.It's interesting... the theory of forms is similar to a theory in physics which says the entire universe is being projected by a black hole: that everything we see is really 2d information stored on the black holes surface. I'm also intrigued by the idea that we know everything before we're born and only "remember". That would explain all the deja-vus I am plagued by...plato was also the first person to say the earth was timaeus and critias! thats also were atlantis was first mentioned...he heard the story of atlantis from socrates who heard it from critias who heard it from his great grandfather critias who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from solon who heard it from some egyptian priests...or at least thats how the story goes...READ TIMAEUS AND CRITIAS by plato! GREAT READ!
OK! Now I understand better the reason for the three minutes length! Thank you very much for the video! I see your point, and it's a very good one! More of these, please!
An interesting video about a much more interesting philosopher, but why talk so fast and present him in just three minutes? Why not five or six minutes?
Because this is youtube and three minutes is length of the average modern attention span. If this is interesting to you go read some of his work. His books are much cheaper then other books because Plato doesn't collect royalties and there is a general lack of demand for books that involve thinking but not in a way that can make you money.
Philosophy is not about been clever, winning arguments or lining your own pocket, although many do just these three.. Philosophy is about finding a better way to live, and then applying it to yourself !
2 3daysgracerok do you have your exam today? and are you doing reason and experience and why be moral?
On ideas or racial purity, you can be wrong, as nature will always backstab you. On ideas of statesmanchip, only history can prove you wrong. Plato might be right here. Democracy is far from all preferable. The only reason good poiticians come to power is because the earlier ones sucked more.Let The Philosophy to the Greeks...They know better...dont mess with that things...he dont even know the colour of Platon idiot... normally would have to pay taxes just to say Greeks words...Like Astronomy..Democraty...Geometr-y..Mathematics...Music..Olympi-c games..Theater..Drama..Comedy.-.Tragedy..Geography..Alphabet.-. and many others creations from the Greeks.English Language 42.000 words 18.500 was from the Hellenic Alphabet...Hellenic Alphabet over 7000 years of existence..HELLAS...

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Testosterone - Blog Toplist ( Oct 5, 2011 By Plato Rosinke Everyone should know that when testosterone is it was the fact that it had been removed from YouTube and other sites and

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All About Cancer: November 2011 ( ve.html) Dec 15, 2011 A taping of the show can be viewed on YouTube at http://www. youtube. have led New York City author Plato Rosinke to believe that he has

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Comments about this video:
Humanism is social control (Hitler, who certainly wasn't promoting any "religion"?). I think you could expand your thinking and realize that the real problem is sin/the human condition, etc., and you won't escape that, no matter what system you refer to. Belief in Jesus Christ is the only answer.I read the book of a guy called Shin dong hyuk (escape from camp 14) few months ago. That guy is the living incarnation of this theory: he was born in a prison camp and made his way out.A professor I had in college showed this to us. This exact video. I still remember it these years later and it's still one of my favorites.
I think that this means that we are all lost and have distorted perceptions of reality until we are shown and guided into the light, and we cannot help others find their way into this bliss but conversely they will think that we are insane. Therefore they must find it themselves in order to fully comprehend what the one that has been "freed" has experienced. An analogy of this could be Christianity. Many think we are insane until they find God and finally have their eyes open to the light.

Keep in mind while the last sentence is true, that Christian leaders have often shown people a false light that keeps them believing in those shadow puppets. An idea of "god" is more something that defines the whole, by being able to analyze patterns and cycles in nature.
There is also a presentation of the reality vs illusion in ALLEGORY OF THE PARADISE in allegoryofparadise.
The horrific part is that even if you set yourself free, you are unable by definition to: a. Return to your previous state. b. Free the others. You are alone in a brand new universe that is more real than the one you knew before. Unless you find other free men, you are cursed to spend the rest of your life alone, cause you can't relate or even comunicate with the prisoners.
Yeah; no one fracking told me that would happen when I was awakening. They look at you as if you are MAD! Can't explain anything to them; at least my wife hasn't left me yet.Saying that you do or do not believe in something changes nothing.The universe does not care. Saying you believe it something does not make it any more real. Saying you do not believe in something does not make it any less real. If it is then it is, if it is not then it is not. Remember, the universe does not care what you do or do not believe in.
2 CAGRN1 the human race, America is the leader of the free world if we werent being led by a bunch of coke head narcissistic war mongers the world would be a better place.

Americans step out of the cave, the possibilities for our race are endless. If we wanted we could feed and cloth every man woman and child if hidden technology saw the light of day, we could colonize the sea floor and disarm the world of nuclear weapons, but first wed have to step out of the cave into gods cosmic light.
If there is the World of the Forms and the world we live in ( ie the Visible world). And that for everything there is a perfect Form; then the biggest question is that if there must be a perfect form it has to rely on the particulate form (ie the supposed lesser form in the Visible world).
humanity is looking at the wall and only believing whats right in front of them. When a person preaches reality that isn't on the wall in front of them they don't believe it. "when the light shines in the darkness, the darkness will never understand it" -Marilyn Manson.

This story is an allegory for education, and there are countless morals in it. I like to think that the part about leaving the cave for the first time is a moral for hard work. Seeing the light for the first time would probably hurt your eyes, because you've been in the dark your entire life. But if you stay in the light and resist going back into the cave, your eyes will adjust and you will be rewarded with the ability to see within the light ("enlightenment").

Excelente voz y excelente video. La pared se convirtió en periódico; luego en radio; en cine y por último, en televisión.
ugh we had a discussion in class where we started talking about a cave in a cave in a cave...that we when we "thought" we were being dragged out into the truth, we were actually in another cave. my mind was blown at that point XD.
haha yeah definitely...they were also saying how the people projecting images were also tied down and having images projected to them by other people who were also looking at "false images" class is messed up. T___T.

haha yeah definitely...they were also saying how the people projecting images were also tied down and having images projected to them by other people who were also looking at "false images" class is messed up. T___T.

Reading The Republic singlehandedly rescued me from the destructive path of gang banging and drug dealing. I am forever indebted to Plato.
S33King TRUTH? knock, and the door will be opened to you Google "The Truth Contest" read "The Present" this could be the most important move you ever make.
I DREAMED about this tonight, i a other symbologie, with a projektor, canvas and director. it was awesome, it was in a church, when i left the church i started to dream lucid !!!

I started reading Plato and Aristotle since I was 13. Not to sound boastful but I realized early that truth is more important than anything, and therefore you should search for it wholeheartedly.
this reminds me the media!! they force us to see what they want us to see and threat us about our lives with many ways! economical crisis terrorist etc like they did with these people on th cave with the shadows and the voices so they will be able to manipulate us! Then they are able to vote some laws by saying this is for our good! most of the people watch televesion and read newspaers so people think that whatever media say is true! people get used to the lies media says and do nothing to LIVE. There are some minor mistakes.First of all the prisoners also had chains in their necks and shoulders and secondly there were not released.When someone made it out of the cave that would be a result of his own achievement.And it will certainly not be easy and that's why the road to the exit of the cave was described as an uphill road...This is a nice little diddy, but not at all an accurate representation of Plato's allegory of the cave. I can see how there are those in the cave who think that they know everything that there is to know about the world but only are getting glimpses of the real world going on around them. Those in the cave do know people outside the cave but cannot and in most times will not believe those outside the cave. Those outside the cave are calling and calling to those inside trying to reason but their reality is the only reality that they know. It is bleak but to those who have ears to hear will hear!
From what I understand the meaning is how we are all living our lives and experiencing everything in just a false perception of what we believe is true, yet the actual truth cannot be explained and will never be understood because the way we are raised and taught is to practically not think. We are taught theories and ideals that are manipulated by governments and we believe them to be true, yet they are lies. It is only when we free ourselves or ask question when we are able to see the truth.
Indeed! If we each contemplate and critique the true meaning of life, we are philosophers. I was wondering what you thought about beauty? What is the true essence of beauty and what can it do to the soul? :).
Beauty. I've never been asked to explain my thoughts on beauty. I would think that beauty, to me, is a form of describing a person based on their attractive features. Some people frankly only see the beauty on the persons skin whereas others can see it within. I believe the people that can see the beauty of someone within, being their personality or their way of life, have a more mature outlook on life and possibly their aspirations and goals compared to those who see the attractive features.

Ah, very interesting thoughts. And I would agree with you, it is one's perspective on life! Personally, in order to experience the pure essence of beauty in people, one must overcome the physical traits (although we should appreciate a beautiful body), because the outer body ages over time, while the soul is immortal; everlasting and eternal. The body leads one to lust, the soul leads one to see the goodness and all the virtues given to humanity, including beauty.

Exactly, no one should overlook or underestimate the outer beauty. Especially since it is scientifically proven that males and females tend to incline toward a more attractive person because of our primal instinct for procreation.
Hm, another question for you, I enjoy this conversation. What do you think Love is? Can we reason with love - is it irrational? I know love is something wonderful, whether it be in a partnership, friendship or familial love. I'm not sure if you have read Plato's Symposium, but he discusses the ideal form of love, to find our other halve, which leads the two to contemplate the beauty of the Divine, and thus, unite with God. Love is a feeling from the soul, a transcendence and weightlessness.Love and irrationality; that is very interesting on its own! Love could be irrational since there is no measure to how much someone can love and for how long, just like pi. I think love is about sharing your life with your significant other, being there for him/her, sharing your company and enjoying his/hers, and moving forward through time together. I'm not all sure about love bringing you closer to god, but I do know that it is our human goal to find our soul mate. What's your view on love?Well my friend, you took it RIGHT out of my mind! I completely agree. Love for me is the union of two souls. When two souls unite as one, it is perhaps the most beautiful feeling one can have. Love itself is eternal, and its the growth between the beloved and lover makes the love between them eternal... a true bliss. I believe we are here to look for our soul mates as well, the one who will truly understand you and love you for you. The universe is complex, and the wonders are at work!Would you know when you are in love though? For example, having a soul connection with someone, where the two are ultimately feeling they are not in the physical world (I'm assuming, more of a spiritual connection), is this pure feeling, love? But would argue that in order for one to find love, they need to find within themselves true happiness? Questions are endless! Then what makes one truly happy - to remove all unnecessary things, like material 'goods' or conforming to pseudo ideologies?You would know when you are in love when you can shut out the entire world and still feel happy if you only knew that person; it's when you can lose everything except for that person and you'll still feel like life has meaning and purpose. The connection does go beyond a physical connection. There is a spiritual and non physical connection that tightens the bond like no other.What a beautiful feeling it must be! Love is eternal, I wish for all to open themselves and feel such a wonder :) Xo. Love is perceived in itself an emotion which is perception. Which is not truth. If you love a man or woman is it not the idea or emotional reaction that you get rather than the reality of them as beings? I would say that true love is virtue and understanding for who that person is. Fighting our beast and not succumbing to mere biology is less than a beast. However, I do admit that we are emotional beings.
Love is perceived in itself an emotion which is perception. Which is not truth. If you love a man or woman is it not the idea or emotional reaction that you get rather than the reality of them as beings? I would say that true love is virtue and understanding for who that person is. Fighting our beast and not succumbing to mere biology is less than a beast. However, I do admit that we are emotional beings.
Beautifully articulated thoughts and questions followed by consistent trains of thought. Something that is hard to find where i come from. Keep up this train of thinking.Is chained (clinked) to someone really a love, or rather a dependency (is based on fear, like an addiction, and soon becomes habit). Love should set you free, and the love as is stated in the Bible, is not just for one person, Christ loved Humans.
In reality how do we know anything? No answer is ever certain. The only thing we can do is ascribe common definitions to common reactions and interactions. Love, in technical terms, is simply an enhanced, advanced attraction between two organisms (for who is to say that dogs or cats don't love), which usually involves commitment and devotion. But on an individual level, aside from technicalities, it could be something completely different.
Sometimes, giving up some stuff is just somewhat impossible, especially when it is connected to someone close to you. I mean, I heard a story about two sick men that spent their lives in a white, hospital room. One of the men got the bed closer to the window and the other man asked what was outside the window, which the man responded with all sorts of fantastic sights. The sick man got envious that he couldn't see such things and killed the man, but only to look outside and see nothing unique.
Love is part of the physical world. It is the consequence of biological influences, such as the effect of hormones, and learned behavior. There is nothing "spiritual" about it. This does not diminish love, it simply approaches it from a materialist perspective.
One of the greatest conversations on Youtube (and by that I mean a non-argument), and it is between a girl and a train. Who would've thought trains are so damn philosophical?In order to find the love you deserve, you need to be magnetic! I'm just reinstating what I've read, but it's simple- if you seek someone who fits a certain description, you must be the same way first. So, if you want somehow honest, communicative, loyal and don't have these qualities yourself, you will attract someone lower than this and keep facing obstacles until you're stripped from the influence of illusion- of what media tells you to be. You attract who you are.Sorry to but in. I was reading your conversation and couldn't help but ask a question of my own. You say that our goal (as humans) is to find our soul mate. Then what if, say the theory of reincarnation is real. I for one am skeptical of it but the question still stands. If our goal is to find our soul mate, then does our soul mate have to be existing as/when we are. If the reincarnation theory holds, you may not meet them for several lives. Until you and they are ready in their souls existence.Good! The more you think and ask questions, the more you open yourself up to knowledge and understanding.It's pretty much saying that our senses do not perceive reality. We can smell, hear, see, taste and feel, but that is not reality. By relying on them, we can easily be fooled and perceive reality falsly. If you ever watched the matrix, it's a pretty obvious explanation. Neo(the guy in the film) sees and feels the world around him, but soon realizes it isn't real.But now we owe a lot of money so they treat greeks they way they do.While ancient greeks offered knowledge beyond comprehension for even now days.I've heard this parable many times, but this time it made me think of a quote from Euripides, "Talk sense to a fool and he thinks you foolish". Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure Details ( ate-Orgasm-Prostate-Cure/9780977732401.html) Plato Rosinke. Publisher: Golden Dog Incorporated. ISBN10: 0977732401. ISBN13: 9780977732401. Language: English. List Price: $24.95. New. $20.12.

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Search: "Rosinke, Plato" - Kobo ( 2522Rosinke%252C%2BPlato%2522%26t%3Dnone%26f%3Dauth or%26p%3D1%26s%3Dnone%26g%3Dboth) By Rosinke, Plato Golden Dog Incorporated, January 2006 ISBN: 9780977732418 Health & Well Being, Health Language: English. Download options: Adobe

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slimming world magazine subscription | japanese 2 day diet original ( ng-world-magazine-subscription_808.jsp) Feb 25, 2013 Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from prostate problems. Prostate massage is good to prevent prostate

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Masterbation as an Alternative to Normal Sex - Page 3 - Catholic ( 3280) Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from prostate problems. The cause is simple: not enough quality sex.

Pro-Win 8mm Problem - Discounted Goods Online ( What Caliber Is 5.4mm · Plato Rosinke Picture · Avalon Organics Awapuhi Mango · 1955 Upload captured video directly to YouTube at the press of a button.

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December 11, 2013. hitaody ( 15 Oct 2007 Plato Rosinke Youtube The Fastest Walt Disney Home Video · Chase Bank Visa Card · Card Credit Guaranteed

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December 12, 2013. Ejaculation | Mediander | Shop ( culation/) Plato Rosinke. Price: $24.95 This product ships in 24 hours. Release date: January 01, Facebook; Twitter; Google Plus; Pinterest. Tumblr; YouTube; LinkedIn.

December 13, 2013. Sandra Corizzo en su entrevista con Viarosario - A-ha Videos ( ndra-corizzo-en-su-entrevista-con-viarosario-video- pG6fPNktY6o-80241-1.html) Plato-ha Serise Fs-a (grinding/polishing Machine). Dec 11,2012 Rosink Sz1 A Ha - Cot Grinding Machine. Dec 10,2012 YouTube. ORGANIZATION

December 14, 2013. Prostate Massage is the Male Equivilant of the Female G-spot ( is-the-male-equivilant-of-the-female-g-spot/) 9 Feb 2010 Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from Gspot massage -youtube g spot ejaculations massage orgasm male

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December 15, 2013. ( z)

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December 16, 2013. V-dex - Livre d'or ( 989, ging tutorial on youtube, 2742, pickuptruck cranes, bdc, sample eviction 8OO, plato rosinke picture, 637165, pics bodybuilding children, cmswvy, free

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December 17, 2013. Prostate orgasm | Online references | ( How To Reach Prostate Orgasm - YouTube While living a tantric lifestyle, book author Plato Rosinke fortunately re-discovered a legendary Chinese herb that

December 18, 2013. The Hartford republican. - Chronicling America - Library of Congress ( 920-12-31/ed-1/seq-8/) Find Us On. Facebook · Twitter · YouTube · Flickr. Subscribe & Comment. RSS & E-Mail · Blogs. Download & Play. Podcasts · Webcasts · iTunesU (external link)

December 19, 2013. ISSUU - Annual Report - 2011 by Pasadena Humane Society ( 2011) In late 2011, GTV6 agreed to upload the remaining episodes onto YouTube, Inc. Cynthia P. Rosedale Carol and Howard Rosenberg Plato Rosinke Roxanne

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December 20, 2013. Brandon Engholm - Pipl Directory ( New blog topics added every minute.http// dk2AO67dn3w [ Brandon Engholm's Myspace Blog modAgency. Plato Rosinke.

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December 21, 2013. Buy sildenafil uk - Discount Drugs ( 200) 23 Apr 2012 Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well. (Next: Smoking and impotence.) Since smoking cause wrinkles, quit now before you visit a

December 22, 2013. W Rosinke - CA - EUpse ( Rosink, Saurer Components Team To Upgrade Cot Grinding Machine. Rosink. 4 briga de javali na fazenda do paulo - YouTube · Plato Rosinke | LinkedIn

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December 23, 2013. Benno Rosinke - PeekYou ( PeekYou's people search has 18 people named Rosinke and you can find info, photos, links, family members and more. Plato Rosinke, from New York NY.

December 24, 2013. Buy Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure. (Popular Medicine Book) by ( ostate-cure./1696145/) 1 Jan 2006 Buy Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure. (Popular Medicine Book) by Plato Rosinke ( 9780977732401) - While living a tantric lifestyle, author

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December 25, 2013. Contributor browsing page | Items by Plato Rosinke | Bookworld ( Follow Bookworld. Bookworld Blog · Latest News · Our Newsletter · Facebook · Youtube · Twitter · Pinterest · Instagram · Google +

December 26, 2013. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure. (Book) by Plato Rosinke (2006 ( plato%2Brosinke/prostate%2Borgasm2c%2Bprostate%2Bcu re-/6168656/) (Book) by Plato Rosinke (2006) Certificate to improve Web site · Follow us on Twitter · Join us on Facebook · Watch us on YouTube · Waterstones mobile site.

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December 27, 2013. MONEY SHOT - Reviews & Brand Information - Rosinke, Plato NEW ( MONEY SHOT - write and read reviews and find brand information for products and services associated with the MONEY SHOT trademark. Incorporate your

December 28, 2013. PROSTATE MAGIC - Reviews & Brand Information - Rosinke, Plato ( tml) PROSTATE MAGIC - write and read reviews and find brand information for products and services associated with the PROSTATE MAGIC trademark. Incorporate

December 29, 2013. PLATO ROSINKE BAKKAYARO DESU! - Healing Tao USA Discussion ( 255C) 9 Jun 2008 PLATO ROSINKE BAKKAYARO DESU! (551) STALKER2002 (760) - - 2008-06 -11 3:27 pm; YouTube videoclip from Bingo Bongo movie w

December 30, 2013. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure.: Plato Rosinke: 9780977732401 ( sinke/dp/0977732401) Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure. [Plato Rosinke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By cultivating his ability to experience prostate orgasms

December 31, 2013. Plato Rosinke | LinkedIn ( 1) View Plato Rosinke's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Plato Rosinke discover inside

January 20, 2014. Niche Marketing - 3 How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (http://www.xn _an d E-_1-marketing/Niche-Marketing/3/) Niche Marketing: Finding Hot Markets - YouTube If Plato Rosinke New York Click Here to.. Cashenlanube

January 21, 2014. mall for plato - ( form plato. what did plato teach. plato mo elementary school. plato great chain of being. dana plato plato rosinke picture. plato dog treats youtube plato.

January 22, 2014. Search results for "prostate-orgasm-prostate-cure." - Bookworld ( prostate-cure./) by Plato Rosinke. Paperback / softback. our Price $33.99 Citizen Price $30.59. This title is IN STOCK! You should expect to receive this within 10-15 working

January 23, 2014. Colin Fly (Mayo Clinic) - newsle ( dental specialties at the Mayo Clinic, they may feel calmer after watching his video on YouTube. Ryan Abo · Lynn Lafferty · Christopher Choo · Plato Rosinke.

January 24, 2014. Joy Fruehauf (Privately Held) - newsle ( New Enterprise Associates and a bunch of angels, including YouTube co- founder Steve Chen. Kha Le · Richard Lepidi · Paul J Dreger · Plato Rosinke.

January 25, 2014. admin | Page 372 - Newer posts ( Plato Rosinke I've been able to use it to display Adsense ads, eBay banners, Amazon Widgets, YouTube videos, ClickBank products, etc., on my blog posts.

January 26, 2014. Books: Naprapathy in Health & Fitness Books (Paperback) ( wse.cfm%3Fdiv_id%3D1%26cat101%3D18%26facet%3D11100% 26cat102%3D1357%26format%3D26) Tower Nation Youtube Channel: (Paperback) ~ Plato Rosinke (Author) Cover · Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure. (Paperback) · Rosinke Plato (Author)

January 27, 2014. Google Groups: CHARLES CLOUGH GOING THE WAY OF KURLAC (!search/Charles%2 BClough%2BCHARLES%2BCLOUGH%2BGOING%2BTHE%2BWAY%2BOF %2BKURLAC%2B%253F) class=gbzt id=gb_36 href=""><span class= gbtb2></span><span <p>Group: misc.invest.stocks <p>Plato Rosinke

January 28, 2014. Richard Umbers | Facebook ( f%3Dstream%26hc_location%3Dstream) Its our year this year - the year of faith! into supernatural mysteries, e.g. Plato's doctrine of participation is often used to Sasha Kowcz Rosinke, Aditya Sugiarto, Jude Andrews and 5 others like this.

January 29, 2014. Generic viagra canadian - Online Pharmacy Prescriptions ( 169) 26 Apr 2012 Author Plato Rosinke says young men use an eye examination. Some women may have. In fact, the wrinkles quickly, but wind up sick, sterile or

January 30, 2014. Masterbation as an Alternative to Normal Sex - Page 3 - Catholic ( 1605) Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from prostate problems. The cause is simple: not enough quality sex.

January 31, 2014. Google Groups (!search/Johannes %2BErmatinger%2BSwiss%2Bfranc) href=""><span class=gbtb2></span><span <p>1/8/97 by Plato Rosinke - 5 posts by 4 authors - 0 views <p>An error

February 1, 2014. PROSTATE MAGIC - Reviews & Brand Information - Rosinke, Plato ( 0.html) This is a brand page for the PROSTATE MAGIC trademark by Rosinke, Plato in NEW YORK, NY, 10016. Write a review about a product or service associated

February 2, 2014. plato rosinke - Free Trademark Search | Protect Business Name ( nke-1-326527) Hot News! On Wednesday, August 16, 2006, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 78953082 was filed by PLATO ROSINKE with the name MONEY

June 27, 2015. Apparatus and technique for releasing congested prostate... ( YouTube - The Allegory Of The Cave - Plato By: jackie nicodemus. Views: 312. Source: Add a Comment. BROWSE CREATE. Sign Up Login. Alexander The Great...

June 28, 2015. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle | TED-Ed ( On truth from reality - a discussion of the philosophy / metaphysics of Plato and the importance of philosophy to humanity. Collection of Plato quotes (The Republic...

June 29, 2015. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure ( Apparatus and technique for releasing congested prostate fluid. United States... Plato, Rosinke (200 E 36 STREET, NEW YORK, NY, 10016, US)

June 30, 2015. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure: Plato Rosinke... ( inke/dp/0977732401) Plato Film is an Istanbul based production company that has been produced many award winning films and nation-wide successful commercials.

July 1, 2015. Plato Rosinke Patents - ( p) This video is a 5:20 clip on the three most significant Ancient Greek philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. (Although the video itself is not fun like a Crash...

July 2, 2015. Plato Video to iPod Converter - Plato DVD Ripper - best... ( Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from prostate problems... Why the prostate is not the male g-spot but the male uterus.

July 3, 2015. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure: Plato Rosinke... ( inke/dp/0977732401) Apparatus and technique for releasing congested prostate fluid. United States... Plato, Rosinke (200 E 36 STREET, NEW YORK, NY, 10016, US)

July 4, 2015. Emanuele Meinero | Facebook ( Design headlines on... by chmara-rosinke A timber daybed for herms by chmara-rosinke... book titles on Flow. Also see his TED Talk and YouTube...

July 5, 2015. Plato Rosinke eBooks | epub and pdf downloads | eBookMall ( Emanuele Meinero is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Emanuele Meinero and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and...

July 6, 2015. Directions - ROSINKE, PLATO - PROSTATE MAGIC - 200 EAST... ( 410.htm) This is a brand page for the MONEY SHOT trademark by Rosinke, Plato in New York, NY, 10016. Write a review about a product or service associated with...

July 7, 2015. Plato Rosinke, Inventor, New York, NY - PatentBuddy ( 711084) Download eBooks by author Plato Rosinke. Guaranteed best prices, direct download! Search. Plato Rosinke eBooks Epub and PDF format Plato Rosinke eBooks.

July 8, 2015. Prostate Orgasms Take the Heterosexual Community by Storm ( tm) Driving directions to ROSINKE, PLATO and product information about PROSTATE MAGIC is provided

October 10, 2015. The Allegory Of The Cave Plato Youtube | MovieOn ( ato-youtube.html) Plato. Works and Philosophy. Plato was a superb writer, and his works are part of the world's great literature. His extant work is in the form of dialogues and epistles.

October 11, 2015. Alltop - Top Design News ( Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure: Plato Rosinke: Libri in altre lingue. Iscriviti a Prime Libri in altre lingue. VAI. Scegli per categoria. Ciao...

October 12, 2015. Plato profiles | LinkedIn ( ter-New-York-City-Area) The Allegory Of The Cave Plato Youtube, watch movie online streaming HD for Free. Get access to more than 10 million Movies for FREE The Allegory Of The Cave Plato...

October 13, 2015. Alltop - Top Design News (;TB_ifra me=true) This video is a 5:20 clip on the three most significant Ancient Greek philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. (Although the video itself is not fun like a Crash...

October 14, 2015. The Allegory Of The Cave Plato Youtube | RainierTamayo ( ave-plato-youtube.html) View the profiles of professionals named Plato on LinkedIn. There are 12 professionals named Plato, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.

October 15, 2015. 50% Off NeuroCranial Restructuring & Nasal Specific In NYC. ( The Allegory of the Cave - Plato - YouTube. Property of Bullhead Entertainment The Allegory of the Cave - Plato This a short film made in clay to explain Plato's...

October 16, 2015. ISSUU - Prostate Orgasm Prostate Cure Plato Rosinke by... ( sm_prostate_cure_plato_rosinke.pdf)... YouTube. What is breve? breve is a free, open-source software package which makes it easy to build 3D simulations of multi-agent systems and... Rosinke, Plato

October 17, 2015. Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure by Plato Rosinke... ( state-cure-plato-rosinke/1007745652?ean=97809777324 01) <a href="">מלון קיסר פרמייר י...

October 18, 2015. World Class - Pianospeed | Piano Movers London | Piano... (;page=vie wpost&amp;post=-new.php&amp;pageback=kop13.php) This is a brand page for the MONEY SHOT trademark by Rosinke, Plato in New York, NY, 10016. Write a review about a product or service associated with...

October 19, 2015. Plato Rosinke's PUA associates... ( posted in Stars - 02-17-2009, 10:09 PIANOSPEED DELIVER INSTRUMENTS TO WORLD CLASS PERFORMERS Only yesterday, we delivered to the amazing West End Musical Star...

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