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  2. Comments about this video:

    Ok what I dont understand is why Vice is so supportive of the Blue Nile rebels even though they're Negroid nationalists however they always portray WN's like Golden Dawn in a bad light. It seems everyone here is supporting these guys even though they're fighting to create a black only nation because Sudans current government consists of Arabs, blacks and mixed race people. It just seems like Vice is being biased and everyone here is having a double standard where BN = good WN = evil fascists.

    LOl i have been to Sudan, they all look the same(the arab & black ) their issue is more to do with culture ) North or South. they are fighting for equal share of power not for some superior ideology. The mission statement of Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North is as follows "a Sudanese national movement that seeks to change the policies of the centre in Khartoum and to build a new centre for the benefit of all Sudanese people regardless of their religion, gender or ethnicity background.".
    If you look again you'll notice the soldiers are only doing training. Otherwise the journalist would have been in the midst of actual fighting. Very dangerous.
    Are you retarded? Why would Russians with Russian names fight against their government in 1917 then? Are you 10 years old?

    -__- dont undrstand..really..., just cause you're Muslim doesn't mean you agree with dumbass islamic rule governments. ask yourself why the Americans had a civil war, didn't they all have common american names?
    Because the Islamic gov is also mongrelized and as black nationalists they want to create a negroid/black Sudanese only ethno-state. Religion isnt really important.The truth is, there are many legitimate African freedom forces but the media and the west doesn't care about them. Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization etc. All are really trying to fight against oppression but that's not the story the on the west media likes, Lord's Resistance Army, the Hutu militias, and other genocidal militias are being given attention. Just disgraceful. I love this video though.
    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ - TRUST JESUS - LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will have everlasting life !
    And all I ever needed was the one Like freedom fields where wild horses run When stars collide like you and I No shadows block the sun You're all I've ever needed Sudan you're the one!Those arabs invaders must tell the truth about Sudan so that truth shall free them. The fact is you came to Sudan by donkeys and camels and you steal this beautiful black sudanese land from the indigenous and now you claim it to be owner and called Sudan an arabic country which is full nigga's african sudanese So Hey!! presient Omar al bashi please it's time for you now to fuck off, go to hell and let' our brothers live in peace. We don't need anymore war in north Sudan!!!!!you fuck of basheir gave you ready country in agolden dish...the fact that you must no mass murder of arabs you did in toriet for kids and women ,,it will not happen again, you talk we talk ,,you raise your hand we will cut, we are herte and will defend our existence..
    loi we raised our hands you cut it? lol i know this is how your islam is teaching you just to like killi innoocents people in darfur and nuba mountian and this is what you have in the quran "violence" and i believe islam is coming from the devils "allah" he's not the creature but he's the murder, the womens raper and you guys have a so much hatred in your heart to christians and jews the people you called infidels, this all satan behaviour and his false prophet but not God!!
    Much respect to the SPLA. Sudan is a horrible dictatorship. Most Darfur rebel groups fighting the Sudanese are Muslim. SPLA-N is a mix of all religious groups. Sudan needs a new government.
    I love you. I pray that you all are still safe, I realize the risk you have taken to speak and be heard. I would like to help. ~ Austin, Tx. USA.

    Again they're negroid nationalists, do you agree with them forming a black/Sudanese only ethno-state? At the same time if you support them what do you think of Golden Dawn, Jobbik or other WN's?
    They're Black Nationalists you know? They're fighting against Arabs and mongrel blacks to the north in hopes of creating a negroe only nation (hamites). Just thought you'd bare that in mind.Please don't use the term mongrel to describe the Northern Sudanese. It's pejorative when applied to dogs, let alone human beings.sure is right, nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, i get sent a list of high paying surveys every few days and easy make around $60 off each list. i found it here:\11P9rW3. oh man, that's brutal, "OK, way to go guys! We got our independence as South Sudan from the north. And oh, by the way... the border we settled on... ya... it leave's you blue nile guys in northern Sudan still... so ummm... thanks for your help... and... well... I'm sure you guys can just let bygones be bygones up north and start getting along now." -blue nile guys reactions > :I (v.v) (>.>) }8I O.o XO.
    don not be slier and lire borders was solved by nifasha. and remaining things have their protocols ,so why you want to raise your guns against Northern Sudan, after your independence no reason to fight us, and we will defend for our we must live as good neighbor's ;;if you chose war also we can get guns.
    hey my friend, i have a this one important question to ask you ok because the most funny thing and unthruthfull is yhat you guys believe that Sudan started with you people {the arabs} this not corrent boz you trying to deceived the world that Sudan is your and belong to Arabs. So now tell me? your arab racist goverment had been oppressing and killing the native people of Sudan since 1956. Tthis included the Nubain M and southerner and fur people. and southern blue nile. So. These are all native and proud black sudanese and you guys don't belong to us ethically because we're the original sudanese people in society.and back many years ago you devils arabs turned many native aftican ethics groups from darfur to fight us southerners in name of reglious even mlany people from darfur region and nuba moutian refused to do this and to fight there follows african in the south because they knew this, it was wrong but they were forced to go to batttle in the south..
    the native people of Sudan ,,,you are not one of them...go to your home talk about ethics and in your whole language no thanks. peace came in 2005 but you love war. so you had started war again because you cannot live without killing of innocent and small kids and all ways ran infront of Sudanese army. your knowledge is retard now a days no black no white ,,no one will believe you say Arabs and Africans.

    lol, you're a son of bitch, do you think Sudan used to belongs to the arabs today arabs are cause to black sudanese and you try to destroy all the african sudanese by arabizing them and use islam as an exuse because when the arabs came to sudan they came through sub sahara desert and you were riding donkeys and camels and you didn't have homes but you guys use to live like dogs in the desert.!!! the Nuba will chase you away from their land just like southerners did!!

    Well,, these people who are fighting your governmrnt are not southerners but in fact they are native sudanese and they need just their freendom and their rights in their native land where, they 're not consider a second class citiens.. These people beleive of themselves for who they are if you cosider them a second class citiens, Oh.i guess they wil not stop fighting you untill they chase you to red sea and shipped you back to saudi arabia where your grand and grandfather belongs.!!!! lol.
    this is dellution you talk about ,,you think separation was done by the power of guns, that is not true Sudan was controlling all south ,, nifasha gave south which is not belong ,,,but it was good in one thing,, the separation of you. arab will not go to red sea,,threating of our existence will lead us to bring south again. if southerner are second class why more than 6 millions in north now that because dinka government killing them and now their hope nourth let them stay more ,,but no.
    I'm surprised the SPLA don't get more American attention since they are fighting religious extremism too. Or maybe the government wanted it hushed up cause the US is selling illegally selling weapons to North Sudan, something Steve Snyder of International Christian Concerns paid with his life to discover.

    6:46 this is us being bombed before breakfast 7:00 this is us being bombed after breakfast. Breakfast the most important meal of the day.

    in any country peoply fight the country army, they called traiders not more and must be fought without mercy. who kills women and kids is not aman who kills people for their race is not aman who kills people for their religion is not aman they are traiders funded by traders and war agents.
    we are still here and you have no the wright to threaten our existence. you stop killing innocent and small kids, you have no courage to face Sudanese Army so you attack civilian by any means words ,knives ,guns any thing. you must be brave and don not ran away as you did in abukarshola.South sudan still fighting with khartoum.Nuba M fighting with khartoum.Blue Nile fighting with khartoum.Darfor fighting with khartoum East sudan fighting with.khartoum. and you call us traiders ??? let me talk to you by the language you understand. ارجع الى الجزيرة العربية و قل لى اسيادك العرب. المهمة اللتى اوكلتون اياها بقيت صعبة. لان العبيد تعلمو من اخطائهم و بقو ياخدو حقهم بالقوة. و البقول حقي غلب... يا غبي يا بواقي سوق عكاز و عبدالله بن ابي السرح...South Sudan had not take independence by the power of guns, you must be onest and say president Pashier is brave because he negociate and gave them their independence in a golden plate. وانته مين اسيادك...وبعدين اذا شعرته بانك عبد دي مشكلتك انته لانه بتعكس احساسك بالدونيه ومين القال انك عندك حق ,,انته اهبل وحمار وطيره وبتتبع اسيادك الامريكان..وانا موجود غصبا عنك وعن عينك وصدقني نحن اذا شلنا السلاح نوعك ده مابقيف.
    this video is just abig lie those traiders killed in acity called abukarshola many people just because they are muslims these people kill people according to race they are not fighting army, they are attking civiliance before days ago in april this year,they killed smal girl ,3 years old and they said she will tell information for the Sudanese Army.they killed her in cool blood. this is not fighting for freedom, it is just terrorism.

    those people loves war. nifasha came for peace. they had not follow nifasha when they lost election result the said it is vague they hold the gun again because they love war and hate democracy,which they talked about it they are just love killing innocent people & small kids.
    abbuu ahmed don't tell people lie. we been fighting for 30 years if we love war and killing innocent people you're not gonna be a live... we are coming to khartoum not believe your self ,, if you have been fighting for 30 million years. you came after nifasha and govern people for 5 years, then after loose of election, went to war again why?? war doesn't solve problems ,it increase problems.I am living according to my destiny not as a result of your mercy. believe now all Sudan ready to put rifle in your front. but it is nice to put your agenda and guns and live together as brothers.They were probably laughing at the guy with the camera staring at the plane while it was bombing them, who then realized it and flopped on the ground.
    hhhhhhhh now they are heroes, you don't know the truth, i'm from family is in sudan.. so,i know the whole truth!
    vice you fucking cunt, im not from peta or anything but i didnt need to see a fucking goat or whatever the hell it was, getting stabbed in the damn neck. even the uneducated in sudan know that we should fight sharia and islam. look what muslims are doing in egypt and nigeria. never bow to Sudan 89 % percent are Muslims, why you want to fought all Sudan. you have no reason to fight our religion ,, war has no benefit and we do not prefer war ,,but if you make fire you must get warm of its flames.
    You are one of those criminal of all bashir gangs supporter who are killing innocents kids in darfur and raping their womens and you called this your true islam by killing..what kinda reglious is this if you guys don't feel ashamed of yourselve and don't fear god as he created the human being equals? Fuck omar al bashir he will be dead soon because his time is coming up to collapsed already and you keep support your president bashir because you're just a criminal like him !!!
    you are full of hate to islam ,,so you have proplem in your personality ,,,,you have to try to make you internal peace ,,,then you can judge upon me ,you donot know what is happening in the world ,you need also to read more about crises and how it made ,and wwhat is arole of intellegence agent and its rule in firing third world countries,and also you must know we are the antidote for that,President and Leader Psheir must take novel price for hiss effort in peace,die with your hate. lol warmth of flames huh? your "religion" is a totalitarian fascist ideology that was spread through africa by nomads and invaders. you know that the arabs of the middle east still consider blacks to be their inferiors and their slaves right? i know you were born into that culture and its something that has been put on you your entire life but know that islam is violence, destruction of civil rights, backwardness, rape, taquia, and jizya only an idiot with 0 critical thinking would be muslim. its probably something that will be very hard for you to accept but i encourage you to renounce islam. nowhere on this planet has islam led to anything positive. there is nothing but sharia, wahhabism, female circumcision, stonings, beheadings, honor killings, abuse of welfare dollars, madrasas that polarize individuals who then blow themselves up, and dictators. somalia, nigeria, egypt, indonesia, europe, australia, US, chechnya, yemen, libya ALL have problems concerning islam.
    and "make fire"? you obviously have no real level of first world education due to your horrendous grammar and fallacies in thinking. christian girls are RAPED in egypt for just being christians. buddhist monks are BURNED ALIVE in myanmar. UK france germany netherlands are INFESTED with thugs who intimidate the native peoples and commit crimes such as the car burnings in france. there are people in the UK who havent worked in 20 years and live off welfare. behind it all, are muslims.

    myanmar is the only country that is getting it right. their buddhists were having acid thrown on them and being doused with gasoline and lit on fire. now they are fighting back because talking does NOTHING when it comes to muslims and violence seems to be the only answer that gets a positive result. when the quran tells you to kill and humiliate kafirs, i am simply fighting back. dont play the victim card like all the other muslims. muslims fight using sharia. they defend using democracy.

    Well, if you don't want other people to fight your "religious" then also you need stop forcing other people into your religious and no one need your satan shari law in sudan because the very comment "secret" to guys is that once you forced people into islam then you arabnized next and this must be stopped because if you don't we will fight you untill the day of judgment beause the arabs are not the better race than the other human being race and they're not also " god" chosing people!!

    you cannot fight islam ,,, if muslims raise guns you will not stand infront of them..but we hate killing ,,,muslims live peace.

    you can fight islam. look at myanmar. "muslims live peace" that is how dumb muslims are. i know 5 year olds with better english than you.
    We should be here helping these people supplying food and munitions instead of wasting millions a day in Afghanistan.
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  18. Comments about this video:
    The sheikh is reciting a different qiraat from the 7 ways of recitation so there is no mistake here. Barakalahu feeka. Asalamu alaikum wr wb. Can someone please tell the name of the last qari, and where i can find more of his recitation. Jzk.I think i found one mistake, Time, 4.30, Ver:18, تحسَبهم... check and recheck ( Fathah become kisar ) satarting of 18th vers. in the word "thahsabuhum ". Masha-Allah! 0:49 Uztad Salih, Shougar, Alzain and Alzubair all use the beautifully traditional African way to do their recitations using the pentatonic scale. It is unique to Saharan and Sahelian parts of Africa from the West coast all the way to the Horn. You can go to Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, northern Ghana, northern Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti or Eritrea in a band on the map and hear exactly the same style used there too.This is awesome, we will be having one in Detroit inspired by this Video. Masha Allah May Allah reward these noble brothers.masha allah wa lailah ila allah mohamed rasoul allah nice voice God bless them and all muslim in world thank you very much.the sudanese arabs will some day be punished for eternity for their genocide against the fur and the south sudanese.That genocide in Darfur and Southern Sudan was fueled by on the west intelligence, because the west only cares about their money and not their people. Were there is oil, on the west Intelligence is there. It is just the Sudanese arabs who do the dirty work, and the same can be said about Ethiopia's Habesha and Meles Zenawi and the genocide against Somalis.The biggest earners of the oil money in Sudan was chinese. The on the west powers didnt do much about the conflict.there is a difference between the sudanese arabs and the idiotic government that is supposedly representing them. do not mix both please. do not fall for propaganda. U all need to go and read psalms 83chapter and see why u socalled jews and arabs are killing off each other, because u both sold the true black jews into slavery and steal their land (palestine). ah ah ahh.masha allah wa lailah ila allah mohamed rasoul allah nice voice God bless them and all muslim in world thank you very much...!Thank you very much... I am so pleased that you sand nigga are able to speak. For the most of time, I was thinkigng that you guys blow up embassies on those occasions :-). Oh, irony, oh, irony, someone associates the Islam with INTOLERANCE, VIOLENCE, BACKWARDEDNESS and what is the response? BACKWARDED Muslim animals are INTOLERANT and DESTROY other people's houses, MURDER and KILL. Dude, you guys really know how to handle prejudices. :-).
    My sincere gratitude goes to our American friends! Without them we in Germany like the rest of Europe probably would have become a communist shithole just as the Eastern part of Europe was. I am convinced that SKoreans and many other people all around the world think and feel the same. Greetings from Germany.

    Selamun Aleykum, Jibreel Shougar has a beautiful deep voice. Is there any place to download a Quran recitation from him? I do not speak any Arabic. Jazak Allah Khair.
    Oh, irony, oh, irony, someone associates the Islam with INTOLERANCE, VIOLENCE, BACKWARDEDNESS and what is the response? BACKWARDED Muslim animals are INTOLERANT and DESTROY other people's houses, MURDER and KILL. Dude, you guys really know how to handle prejudices. :-). Names of the reciters respectively: 1st: AbdulQadir Alfadni 2nd: Salih Ahmad Salih 3rd: Jibreel Shougar 4rth: Alzain Mhammad Ahmad Alzain 5th: Alfatih Muhammad Othman Alzubair Just a little correction, they are not reciting the first 5 verses but the first 19 verses of Alkahf Jazak Allahu khairan for uploading this wonderfull video, please share more..^^.
    I think i found one mistake, Time, 4.30, Ver:18, تحسَبهم... check and recheck ( Fathah become kisar ) satarting of 18th vers. in the word "thahsabuhum ".

    Jibreel Shougar, his recitation is sooo soothing, here is another wonderfull recitation for him /watch?v=pe7YIzw6-Tk.

    2nd: Salih Ahmad Salih 4th: Alzain Muhammad Ahmad Alzain, here you can find all the Quran by him:

    not ahmad Salih, this is a different reciter, but his name is Salih Ahmad Salih, and here is the whole Quran by his beautiful voice :

    mashALLAH such a unique style to us here in the US, but seems common among the Sudanese recitors. May ALLAH reward them abundantly.
    Salih Ahmad Salih, here you can listen and download the whole Quran by his voice: Ohh this is truly beautiful Mashallah, May Allah protect and guide them. BTW, is it just me, but they almost sound the same! Best Regards.
    the second brother's name is Salih Ahmad Salih and yes he has beautiful recitation in the masjids that he was at the last few nights. it goes straight to the heart. masha'allah.

    Asalamu alaikum, whats the name of the second brother who recited, he was at the masjid tonight and MashaAllah he was great, do you know his name akhi?
    Which Masjid bro?? and I wish i knew his name but I dont... you have a better chance of knowing him bro if u see him again just walk up to him and nicely ask him his name :).
    I ask and they said it was Salih ahmed salih but i can't find him, and it was at Masjid at Taqwah in brooklyn.

    Salih Ahmad Salih, here you can listen and download the whole Quran by his voice:­m_content&view=article&id=72&-I­temid=57­com_content&view=article&id=1-1­&Itemid=64.
    2 kazick Alzain Mohammad Ahmad الزين محمد احمد ستجد القران الكريم بصوته في موقع طريق الإسلام _ الشبكة الإسلامية... إلخ أو ابحث في جوجل. the best and original way of reading Holy Qor'an!!! and i would like to download more of these recitators. I found out that they are : Alvadenei. Salih, Hawkari, Zain, Zubair! If someone know where and how to find them, let me know!!! THANK YOU. Names of the reciters respectively: 1st: AbdulQadir Alfadni 2nd: Salih Ahmad Salih 3rd: Jibreel Shougar 4rth: Alzain Mhammad Ahmad Alzain 5th: Alfatih Muhammad Othman Alzubair sorry couldnt find links for the rest : (.
    Selamun Aleykum, Jibreel Shougar has a beautiful deep voice. Is there any place to download a Quran recitation from him? I do not speak any Arabic. Jazak Allah Khair.
    Alif Shukr Akhi. May Allah reward you for answering the question after such a long time. ElhamduLillah.
    in Somalia we call this subac which means a circle of people and each one of them taking an ayah from the surah and its a good way to memorize the quran mashallah.
    these sheikhs really help me memorize because they sound like and feel like you've got 5 mu'alims (teachers) in front of you.

    AsSalamo Alaykum Brothers and Sister, who is the first Reciter? Can I download the whole Qur´an Kerim Rezitation from him?
    Sure akhi, his name is Salih Ahmed Salih, and here's the entire Quran recited by him. Stay connected for the updates Akhi habibi. Check this website for any Sudanese reciter WWWtugabaCOM/3/index.php?optio-n=com_content&view=category&la-yout=blog&id=19&Itemid=67 add the [dots..] If you weren't able to download please let me know for any Sudanese reciter check WWWtugabaCOM Jazakum'Allah khair akhi Ibrahim for uploading this clip :).
    Oh sorry I think the website is under construction, I'll try to find you any other links in-sha'Allah.
    Salih Ahmed Salih... شيخ صالح احمد صالح for recitations for this reciter (OOO=net) meshkat.OOO/index.php/meshkat/-index/1/445/author.
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